Photos from the Pentagon attack
Pentagon Photo #1:
Burning Car at Pentagon Attack
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Pentagon Photo #2: 

wide view of Pentagon attack

Pentagon Photo #3:

hole in the Pentagon after attack
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Pentagon Photo #4 (a composite of 2 photos):
pentagon composite photo

What hit the Pentagon?
An Analysis.

NOTE: What hit the Pentagon has turned out to be among the most, if not the most, contentious problems in 9/11 research. Even the founders of S9/11T tend toward different answers to this question. The photos and analysis presented here are merely intended to offer stimulation for further thoughts about this issue and are in no way supposed to provide a definitive resolution of this tricky problem. Additional Pentagon studies may be found at, 911review rumor, 911review noplane, rense.enginestory,, and a Flash video about the Pentagon hit. Additional data and links on the possible use of an A-3 Sky Warrior.
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