Articles that have previously been featured on this site Deseret Morning News reports on upcoming paper by Professor Jones:
10 Nov 2005, Deseret Morning News

Scientific Poll: 84% Reject Official 9/11 Story
14 October 2006,, Steve Watson and Alex Jones

Americans Question Bush on 9/11 Intelligence
14 October 2006, Angus Reid Global Monitor, Polls & Research

O'Reilly equates 9/11 Scholars with Terrorists
14 October 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones

O'Reilly Sicks FBI on Fetzer, Barrett (originally,
O'Reilly Sets Up Truthseekers To Be Disappeared)
13 October 2006,, Kurt Nimmo

9/11 Politics Turns Bizarre
Wisconsin politicians display ignorance, paranoia, and pandering, Scholars say

12 October 2006,, James H. Fetzer

A Shameful Retreat from American Values
2 October 2006,, Garrison Keillor


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