This course is designed to serve three purposes. I originally conceived of it to send via email to friends whose worldviews seemed incomplete without access to the information included here. It was getting harder and harder to have political discussions with people close to me because of the ignorance imposed by the corporate media. Because some people are reluctant to take much time to consider the hypothesis that the war on terror is a fraud, I endeavored to make each mailing brief.
About This Course
Week 1) Peak Oil
Week 2) Precedents
Week 3) Creating Al Qaeda
Week 4) Foreign Warnings
Week 5) The Alleged Hijackers
Week 6) The Military Absence on 9/11
Week 7) Movie Intermission
Week 8) The Anthrax Attacks
Week 9) Whistleblowers
Week 10) "Terrorists" Protected
Week 11) Trial By Camcorder
Week 12) The 9/11Commission.html
Week 13) Wrap Up + Send Your Comments
Week 14) Reader Comments on the Course
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